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Ran out of propane in the middle of cooking meal #5.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009 by  
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Yesterday I started preparing meal #5 by putting the red potatoes in the toaster oven and firing up the grill. After about 8 minutes I went out back to put the frozen burger on the flame (I preform my burger patties and then freeze them), but the grill was off. Turns out the propane level indicator, which works based on the weight of the propane tank, had become stuck. I was totally out of propane. The really irritating part is I have three propane tanks, and I try to always fill the two empty tanks as soon as I put the third one in place. The last time I was at the hardware store I forgot the empty tanks, and I haven’t had the time have been too lazy to make a return trip.

Anyway, with the potatoes already in the oven I had to cook the frozen burger in a frying pan. I was cracking up because I quite literally have never cooked a burger anywhere but on the grill, and was unsure of the proper pan-fry technique for a very lean, frozen hamburger patty. I was concerned that because the burger was very lean that there would not be enough fat to keep it from sticking and burning, so I sprayed the pan with Pam cooking spray. That was dumb: the Pam just turned brown and started to smoke. Because the burger was frozen, I decided to cover the pan to help keep the heat in. That seemed to work OK, but I initially set the heat too high and the outside of the burger began to burn while the inside was still partially frozen. Grrrrrr. I eventually managed to get the internal temperature up to a safe 160 degrees, but the burger came out looking like a hockey puck, and probably tasted even worse.

I’ve become so dependent on my grill that I felt like a deer in headlights while staring down at the cooking range last night. I will never allow myself to run out of propane again!

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