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Bad news; My training plans.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009 by  
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The news at yesterday’s meeting was not good news. The situation is very complicated, but the essence of what’s happening is this: my company is involved in a business relationship with a larger company that is under new ownership. The new owner of this company is very aggressive, and wants to buy us out of the vast majority of our existing contracts (what we do, primarily, is provide broadband Internet services to student housing). As I said, the dynamics of the situation are very complicated, but the bottom line is that my company is not in a position to fight this. We offered to buy out the other company’s stake in the contracts (basically they own the on-site wiring and provide the transport for the circuits), but this offer was rejected in no uncertain terms. Without those contracts, the company I work for is finished. To make matters worse, the “hostile” company is only interested in the contracts, and has zero interest in acquiring my company as a whole. This leaves employees like me dangling in the wind.

So, the owner of my company is meeting with the owner of the other company this afternoon at 4:00 PM. At this point there’s basically no chance that the situation will change, so the meeting today is mostly going to solidify what we already know, and (hopefully) establish a time line. I suspect that I’m looking at a month, two at best. I’ll know more this evening.

I want to thank you all for your incredibly supportive posts, PMs and emails. This is not a good time to be out of work, and my situation is further complicated because Turtle’s experimental cancer treatments ate up all of my liquid assets (which, by the way, is something I will NEVER regret doing). In other words, I simply can not be out of work for long. After this evening’s meeting I will likely have no choice but seek new employment.

As for my diet and training, I have come to a decision: I’ve decided to maintain for awhile. When I considered all the facts, maintaining made the most sense. Bulking is out simply because all that food is an expense I can’t take on right now! Continuing my cut and dealing with cravings, getting weaker, constant hunger and so on seems like a really bad idea combined with all the other stresses in my life right now. As I said yesterday, I think that right now the best thing I can do make sure I’m in peak mental and physical condition. I’m going to eat healthy and lift hard!

As for JSF and Forums, don’t worry – they are not going anywhere.

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