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Thoughts on what’s next for me.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 by  
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Apparently not much was accomplished at yesterday’s meeting between the owner of my company and the owner of the company trying to buy out our contracts (if you missed yesterday’s update, give it a read). This is disapointing news because it will only prolong the suspense and my level of stress.

I’ve been putting a lot of thought into what it is I want to do. There is a small chance that my company – armed with the few contracts that will not be sold – will have the resources to remain alive for a few months. This may give us enough time to harness our few remaining assets and then capitalize on what I believe is a fair amount of untapped potentional. This senerio is a longshot, however. If we pulled it off, though, it would be pretty awesome. We’re going to be running the numbers over the next couple of days to see if it’s even possible on paper.

Because the odds of our company pulling out of this are extremly poor (as a poker player I’d definitely lay this hand down), I am forced to continue to persue outside employment opportunities. Over the past few days I’ve been putting a lot of thought into what I really want to do. Obviously IT is my main marketable strength, and that has been my carrer for the past 20 years. My other passions include fitness and animals, so they need to be on the list, too.

JSF and the JSF forums have turned a small profit for the past couple of years, but they don’t generate nearly enough income to cover my financial obligations. Running JSF and the JSF forums full-time would be very fufilling, but I need to put some thought into how I could do that without compromising my principles. I gave my word that I’d never run pop-up ads, “cover the content” flash ads and other intrusive forums of advertising; despite the significant amount of increased income those kinds of ads would bring, they are simply not an option. I’ve got to get creative and think outside the box. I’m open to suggestions!

My diet and training have been very good this week! Even though the high levels of stress I’m experiencing have brought about the desire to have a drink or three and eat poorly (“comfort” foods, I suppose), I’ve stuck to my guns and have been eating clean, training hard and have not consumed any alcohol this week. I’m confident that these choices are the right ones, and I will continue to make my health and fitness top priorities as I work through these difficult times.

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