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More on Twitter; Cheat meal last night, slept bad.

Okay, okay… maybe I was being a tad harsh on Twitter in yesterday’s update. I spent some time yesterday learning more about the service (yeah, I know – welcome to 2007, John), and some of what I read impressed me. Twitter is a pretty simple service, but it’s capabilities run deeper than I thought. I can certainly see how it could be a useful tool for JSF. I don’t know if I should limit my… [Read more]

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Good day yesterday; JSF is now on Twitter.

I had a pretty productive day yesterday. I mostly worked on the new web site, but I also took some time out to play poker and watch a movie. I was in the mood for a dumb comedy, so we watched “I love you man”. It was a fairly entertaining movie, but Paul Rudd’s character was so annoying that I wondered how anyone – male or female – would want to spend any time with… [Read more]

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Random Saturday morning thoughts.

After a rather shaky start to this week’s training (Monday’s leg workout was not too good), I managed to put together a string of three workouts that I’m proud of. While my strength is not growing nearly as fast as it does when I’m on an all-out bulk, it is improving with each passing week. Also, with the exception of a daily multi-vitamin, I’m not using any supplements at all right now. Just good healthy… [Read more]

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My “relaxed” diet for the past month has been quiet successful.

Over the past month I’ve been training hard, but my diet has been far from strict. When I say “far from strict”, I don’t mean that I’ve been eating a lot of junk food; what I mean is that I’m not tracking my diet or worrying eating a meal every 2 or 3 hours. Most of the foods I’ve been eating have been very healthy. In fact, over the past month I’ve only had one… [Read more]

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A bit about the enhanced recipe section coming to the new JSF web site.

As of yesterday I had 3 unused vacation days that rolled over from last year, plus something like 23 days that reset at the beginning of August. I don’t know if my company will be around long enough for me to ever get to use most of those days, so I’m trying to take them while I can. Yesterday I was able to use one of those vacation days, and I spent the entire day… [Read more]

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When do you train?

My workday yesterday was even more stressful than it was on Monday, but I was able to put all that aside when it was time to lift. I had a MUCH better workout yesterday than I did on Monday. When I finished lifting I felt physically tired, but mentally refreshed; I had a very productive afternoon as a result. Way back before I trained with weights (this was when I still worked in a regular… [Read more]

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Lackluster workout yesterday, will do better today.

I had a long day at work yesterday, and it was pretty mentally draining. I had to force myself to train yesterday afternoon, as I really didn’t feel like lifting. My leg workout was decent, but definitely nothing to write home about. My intensity level was not where it needed to be, and I never really felt like I was able to shake off the cobwebs. While I’m proud of myself for training when I… [Read more]

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Leg day, no hip pain; Progress report on the JSF re-design.

Today is leg day, and I’m happy to report that the hip pain I was experiencing a little over a week ago has not returned. I was concerned that the heavy deadlifts I performed last Thursday might cause the pain to return, but my hip feels great this morning! I’ll be squatting heavy today, but I may do some front squats instead of back squats to mix things up a bit. Work on the JSF… [Read more]

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Sunday plans; Maintaining is going well.

We never did clean the house yesterday. I started working on the new web site project as soon as I finished yesterday morning’s daily news update, and I promised myself that I would tear away from the project long enough to clean. Yeah, right. One thing led to another, and the next thing I knew it was already 2:00 PM. It’s not like Lisa was complaining about it: she was up in the theater watching… [Read more]

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A couple more screenshots of the new site and some new info.

I’m very happy that the weekend is finally here! I’m going to do some house cleaning this morning, but after that I’m going to jump right back into working on the new JSF web site. It’s going to be nice to have a solid couple of days to devote to the project. So much of what I’m doing right now is completely alien to me. Sure, I have some web development skills, but this sort… [Read more]

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