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Breakfast; Cholula hot sauce; Chili!

Monday, August 3, 2009 by  
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In my weekend daily news updates I talked about how sick I am of eating the same things over and over again, and how I’m going to start exploring new ways put fresh spins on my dietary staples. I started off by having a healthy (but calorically dense) “cheat” meal on Saturday night (discussed in yesterday’s update). In that same update I also posted my simple, but delicious, bruschetta recipe. This “cheat” meal was a far more healthy option than the junk food I usually eat when I chose to indulge, but every bit as satisfying!



I still love my egg whites and roasted red potatoes for breakfast, but I gave that meal a little kick simply by adding a whole grain English muffin and a fantastic hot sauce. The hot sauce I used was not Frank’s hot sauce (which is also very good); it was a sauce that I’ve enjoyed at my favorite Mexican restaurant for many years. It’s called Cholula, and it’s incredible:

I make my egg whites with fresh cilantro, cumin, garlic and ground pepper. Cholula hot sauce is perfect for eggs prepared like that. I may get some whole grain tortillas next weekend and make a healthy breakfast burrito from the same ingredients.

Today for post-workout meal #2 (PWO #2), instead of my usual 96% lean grilled hamburger patty and roasted red potatoes I’m going to make chili and brown rice. The chili is very easy to make using 96% lean ground beef (or turkey, if you prefer) and a prepackaged chili mix (such as “Carroll Shelby’s”). The corn masa flour and tomato sauce add about 100 calories (mostly carbs), so I’ll just compensate by reducing the amount of brown rice I serve with it to about a half-cup (cooked). The great thing about preparing chili in large batches is that it can be portioned off and frozen. These frozen portions are great for quick, healthy meals that are ready in just minutes.

Have a great Monday!

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