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Good meeting yesterday followed by a great workout!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009 by  
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I’m feeling more and more positive about things with each passing day. Yesterday at work we had a lunch meeting with a former employee who is extremely well-connected in the IT industry. It was a very productive meeting, and there are some new possibilities that we are going to explore together. Not only was it great seeing one of my old co-workers again, it was really nice to hear some potentially good news for a change. I need to stress (if only to myself!) that the recent glimmers of hope concerning the survival of my company – while very encouraging – are still faint. Still, I sensed an excitement at the table that I’ve not seen in quite some time. This could get interesting…

After the meeting I came home and worked out. I was in a really good mood, and I think that played a part in how well my workout went.

I had some more stuff to talk about this morning, but I really have to wrap this up and get to work. The meeting yesterday took up half my day, and I’ve fallen behind. Also, we are having some network issues that kept me up half the night and are still not resolved, so I have to get back on that project. Hopefully tomorrow morning I’ll have a bit more time to write. Have a great day, and I’ll see you then!

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