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Freeform workouts; Saturday plans.

Saturday, August 8, 2009 by  
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Man, I’m really sore this morning! I pushed myself pretty hard in the gym this week, and had some terrific workouts. I didn’t follow any pre-planned workouts, either: I just got in there and basically said, “This sounds good” or “I’m going to do some drop sets here”… Training by the seat of my pants is not something I usually do, but there are times when it’s the way to go. Sometimes I enjoy the freedom of training with no rules or structure. The important thing is that I am lifting and lifting hard. If you are feeling boxed in and find that you are not enjoying your workouts, then you might want to consider doing something like what I’m doing right now. If you hate your workouts then you’re only going to put up with them for so long before you stop. I’m not saying your workouts shouldn’t be tough, but I am saying that they can be tough and enjoyable.

This morning I’ve got to clean the house. Some relatives are coming over in a few hours to see the house for the first time, and then Lisa is going shopping with them while I stay behind and work on some JSF projects. I may sneak a poker tournament in this afternoon, too… shhhhhhhh.

Have a great Saturday!

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