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No leg work this week; New pictures; JSF Amazon Mall; AtLarge 15% off Sale!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009 by  
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My hip has been giving me some trouble recently, but up until yesterday the pain was not severe enough to create any real problems. I went pretty heavy on deads last week, and yesterday my hip was hurting badly enough that I knew squats and lunges were going to be a problem. I decided that it would be a good idea to take this week off from training legs, and also to not deadlift on back day. Hopefully this little break will provide my hip enough time to recover.

So, while I give my aching hip a bit of a break, this week I’m going to do a three-day split (M-W-F): Chest & Triceps, Back & Biceps, Delts & Traps. Yesterday’s chest and triceps workout was outstanding! My strength is improving quicker than I expected, and that is fantastic! I felt energetic, intense and powerful as I proceed through yesterday’s workout.

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve taken an pictures, and so yesterday I took a couple triceps shots. You can find them the pictures in yesterday’s post to my photo journal.

I was able to take a vacation day yesterday, and I got a lot of work accomplished! I updated the JSF Amazon Mall software and moved the mall to a new, much faster server. I also gave the mall a bit of a face lift, and changed the landing page to show random products related to fitness. Of course you are not limited to fitness products: you can purchase any of the millions of products sold by Amazon and Amazon 3rd party resellers through the JSF Amazon Mall. Also, the JSF Amazon software automatically shows the lowest priced item when the same item is sold by multiple sellers. The actual checkout is performed on Amazon’s site, just like normal. Using the JSF Amazon Mall for your Amazon purchases is an excellent, no cost way to help support JSF and the JSF Forums. Thank you for your kind support!

Yesterday I also worked on the Official JSF Gear online shop. Some of the new designs are “live”, and there will be more products coming in the days and weeks ahead. I hope you enjoy the new products!

Last, but certainly not least, AtLarge Nutrition is running one of the biggest sales EVER! They are offering a massive 15% OFF your entire order, including the cost of shipping. These 15% off sales are few and far between, so now is the time to stock up! Please check out the details immediately below this update.

I’m off to work now. Have a great day!

AtLarge NutritionMASSIVE 15% OFF SALE!

This is one of the BIGGEST SALES we’ve ever ran.

For the next 7 days (now through Monday, August 17th, 2009) you can save a massive 15% off all orders, to include the cost of shipping and on top of the already generous multi-unit discounts we have running.

This is the perfect opportunity to either try our products for the first time or, if you are an existing customer, to stock up and enjoy a huge saving!

To receive your discount, simply place your order as normal and when you get to the payment information page, you will see a box labeled “Discount Coupon”. Simply enter the following coupon code to receive your 15% discount:


Your discount will then be clearly shown on the Confirmation Page.

AtLarge Nutrition

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