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When do you train?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009 by  
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My workday yesterday was even more stressful than it was on Monday, but I was able to put all that aside when it was time to lift. I had a MUCH better workout yesterday than I did on Monday. When I finished lifting I felt physically tired, but mentally refreshed; I had a very productive afternoon as a result.

Way back before I trained with weights (this was when I still worked in a regular office), I remember many times after lunch – usually in the late afternoon – when I literally struggled to stay awake at my desk. Sometimes I would even nod off for a few minutes. It was almost as if I’d been drugged. Once I started eating right and working out my afternoon fatigue completely went away. Training on my “lunch hour” further enhances my late day energy levels and mood.

I know mid-day training is not always possible, but more and more employers are recognizing the benefits of allowing their employees to grab a workout during work hours. Some companies even have gyms and showers for their employees, and I think that’s a very wise thing to do! Employers who recognize the many benefits of supporting and encouraging their employees to work out is something I hope we see more of in the future.

When do you work out? Is your employer supportive, indifferent or opposed to their employees training during the work day? When the new JSF web site is launched you’ll be able to post comments below each article, but for now please post your thoughts in this thread. I’m genuinely curious…

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