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A bit about the enhanced recipe section coming to the new JSF web site.

Thursday, August 27, 2009 by  
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As of yesterday I had 3 unused vacation days that rolled over from last year, plus something like 23 days that reset at the beginning of August. I don’t know if my company will be around long enough for me to ever get to use most of those days, so I’m trying to take them while I can. Yesterday I was able to use one of those vacation days, and I spent the entire day working on the new JSF web site. I’m slowly getting all the existing content ported to the new system. I’ve made good progress, but there is still a tremendous amount of porting work that can not be automated. I have not even started on the daily news updates, and that’s going to be, by far, the biggest pain in the butt. Right now I’ve decided to focus on getting all the content ported over to the new system, and then I can go back and work on style and polish things up. I’ve also been working on other, even less exciting stuff such as SEO, tagging, analytics and meta tags.

One area of the site that I am going to greatly expand and enhance is the recipe section. I’m going to add lots of delicious, healthy dishes, and each recipe will be accompanied by a photograph of the completed dish. The recipes will be browsable by category, but you’ll also be able to search by ingredients, tags and other criteria. I am going to be calling on the JSF community to help with this section. Don’t send anything yet, but if you want to contribute then keep this update in the back of your mind as you cook. If you make something that looks and tastes incredible, snap a picture of it! The basic outline for submitting a recipe will be something like this: ingredients list, step-by-step prep and cooking instructions, miscellaneous notes, nutrition data and a photograph. I may even be able to make a form so people can submit their recipes directly to the site. Of course the JSF community will be able to comment on each recipe, offer tips, modifications and variations. I’m very excited about adding this level of interactivity to JSF!

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