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Incredible weather this morning; I want a bike.

It’s a beautiful morning: the air is a cool 64 degrees and the sky is clear. Lisa and I have been talking about how much fun it would be to start going for long bike rides, and weather like this is perfect for that. We don’t own bikes, and with the whole job situation still up in the air I can’t really justify any non-essential expenses right now. As I understand it, decent low-end bikes… [Read more]

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Stir fry recipe!

Last night I finally got around to making the stir fry that I’d planned to make last week. It was even better than I expected it to be! I may play around with the ingredients the next time I make the dish, but I think the version I made last night is worthy of a post. Keep in mind that I made this based on tasting while I cooked, but I’ll do my best to… [Read more]

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Good weekend; Leg day; Mastover sale ending soon.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend. My weekend was a near-perfect blend of fun, work and stupidity. I feel good this morning, and I’m looking forward to a productive week of work and, of course, some awesome workouts! Today is leg day, and I’m going to be doing the same brutal workout that I’ve been doing for the past couple of weeks. I’m going to ratchet the weights up once again this week, and… [Read more]

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I’m an idiot.

Yesterday was extremely productive: I did a few hours of gardening, cleaned the house from top to bottom (Lisa was blown away when she got home from work and saw what I’d done) and did some work on the new JSF web site. I posted some pictures of the gardens on Facebook, but I’m not real happy with how they came out. The front of my home faces West, and the low morning sun made… [Read more]

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Garden photos; Surprise for Lisa.

It is an absolutely beautiful morning! I love to walk my gardens while it’s still relatively cool outside, and this morning I thought everything looked especially beautiful because the sprinkler system had been running and all the plants were shimmering in the early morning light. I haven’t taken a complete set of photos of my gardens since spring, so I grabbed my camera and took a bunch of pictures. After I finish writing this update… [Read more]

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Stir fry is actually tonight; Eating a little Facebook and Twitter crow.

The replacement part for my grill came in late yesterday afternoon, but it started pouring down rain as I tried to make the repair. I decided to postpone the chicken and veggie stir fry that I mentioned in yesterday’s update and, after a brief discussion with Lisa (ME: “Pizza?”, LISA: “Oh hell yes!”), we elected to have our weekly cheat meal a day early. Tonight I’m making the stir fry for sure. 🙂 Last weekend… [Read more]

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My grill had a part go bad; Stir fry tonight!

After many years of 100% reliable operation, a couple days ago my Weber Genesis gas grill had its first part go bad. The part that failed (the gas line assembly that attaches to the propane cylinder) was not expensive, but it’s been rough not having a grill for the past few days because I use the grill at least 4 or 5 times per week. The replacement part will be here today, and I’ve got… [Read more]

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Stressful day yesterday, but great workout; On CNN.

Yesterday was a rather stress-filled and difficult day at work. Sometimes I really love technology and working in IT, but days like yesterday make me wonder why I don’t live in a secluded cabin by a lake. Thankfully my phone, cell and pager were all silent overnight, and I slept like a baby. If you think I’d let a busy day at work kept me out of the gym, then you’re crazy! Actually, I was… [Read more]

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Work problems, Internet problems…

This is going to have to be a quick update. I woke up to all sorts of problems at work, and those problems have been compounded by my Internet access going up and down all morning. Thankfully I all can tether my cell phone and use the EVDO network for Internet access, but the speed is really slow compared to my cable modem. I have to get back to work, but I want to note… [Read more]

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Cutting plans; Vacation day today.

I can’t believe we’re already approaching the end of September! I need to figure out what I’m going to do this winter with regards to my diet and training. I’ve been contemplating starting a cut sometime in October November, but I’m not sure that I want to be dieting down over the holidays. I think it will only take about three months to get back down 8% body fat, so starting the cut in January… [Read more]

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