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Weekend plans; Feta burger perfected; TSM nominations.

Saturday, September 5, 2009 by  
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It’s hard not to be in a spectacular mood on a Saturday morning with a three-day weekend ahead! I going to relax and have fun, but I’m also going to work on some projects around the house and (of course!) the new JSF web site. Also, I’ll be relaxing my diet tomorrow when we have family over: popcorn and movies, followed by a cookout.

For tomorrow’s cookout I’m going to be making the incredible Feta cheese burgers I was talking about last month. Actually there have been a couple of additional refinements since last month. First, my mom suggested that I rub raw garlic on the warm toasted hamburger buns (just like you’d do if you were making Bruschetta) and that simple change took an already incredible burger to a whole new level. Also, I’m now using raw spinach instead of lettuce, which provides a much more interesting flavor.

So, the final “perfected” burger recipe is this: 8oz burgers made with 96% lean ground beef and grilled over medium heat. Serve on toasted whole grain buns rubbed with a raw garlic clove, fresh raw spinach, thinly sliced tomatoes, spicy brown mustard, raw red onions and Feta cheese. The raw red onions and Feta work incredibly well together. You won’t believe how good this burger is – give it a try!

I’m always on the lookout for incredible transformations to feature in the Transformation Spotlight of the Month. If you or someone you know of has made a transformation (fat loss, muscle gain, overcome addiction, etc) please email or PM me and tell me about it!

OK, I’m out of here for the day. Have a wonderful Saturday!

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