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Skipped my workout yesterday; TSM suggestions.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009 by  
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I had a great time over the holiday weekend – maybe a little too much fun, actually. Yesterday I really felt like just relaxing and enjoying the day off, and that’s what I did. I skipped my workout, ate a cheat meal for dinner and had a few drinks as well. I don’t regret any of it one bit, either. I’ve been working very hard, both in and out of the gym, and it felt good to let my hair down for a couple of days. I feel well-rested and relaxed today.

If you or someone you know has completed an awesome transformation, please let me know about it! I’m always on the lookout for potential Transformation Spotlights. Just shoot me an email or a PM with the details.

Sigh. I have a heck of a lot of work to catch up on today. I’d better wrap this up and get started. Thanks for stopping by!

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