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Bad day at work, but great workout yesterday; Bloat.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009 by  
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I had a horrible day yesterday, but a really good workout (chest and triceps). I was in the mood for a fast-paced, intense and high volume workout. I did 3 sets of DB bench presses supersetted with close-grip barbell bench press, 3 sets of weighted chest dips with just 30 seconds of rest, 2 triple drop sets of tricep bench dips and incline burnout DB flyes supersetted with rope pressdowns. Aside from the chest dips, rest was 1 minute between each set and 2 minutes between exercises. When I finished the workout I was a tired, sweaty mess but I felt awesome.

I’m still holding some water weight from my Sunday night cheat meal. It’s amazing how much water weight affects my appearance. My face always looks so bloated after a cheat meal… I hate that!

I haven’t been doing much cardio lately, but I think I’m going to get a 16-minute HIIT workout in this afternoon. I thought about doing a 45-minute LISS session this morning, but I think I’m more in the mood for something a bit more difficult than that.

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