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Today’s back/biceps workout; Going to cut soon.

Thursday, September 10, 2009 by  
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I’m fired up about today’s workout (back and biceps)! The main focus of my workout will be my back, and I’ll probably do just two exercises for biceps. I’m going to start off with low rep, very heavy deadlifts, then move on to weighted wide-grip pull-ups, bent-over barbell rows and finish up with seated low cable rows. For biceps I’m going to keep things simple: 3 sets of standing ez-curls followed by DB hammer curls. I’ll probably go down the rack for the hammer curls, moving down 5 pounds at a time until I can no longer curl a 5-pound dumbbell. I love finishing off my workouts like that.

So I’m thinking that my next “formal” activity will be a cut. My body fat is around 13% right now, and while that’s perfectly healthy I don’t feel comfortable at that level. I’m still undecided on when I’m going to start my cut, but it will likely be within the next month or two. I know I lost a lot of size after my last bulk, but I can’t bring myself to start a bulk at 13% body fat. After my cut I’ll focus on adding lean mass.

Time for me to get to work. Train hard!

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