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Initial fat loss video is viral again; Some common comments addressed.

Monday, September 14, 2009 by  
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My initial transformation video from way back in 2003 has gone viral again. Quite a few of the sites that posted my video didn’t link to this site or provide any back story, which is too bad. If you are one of those people who just saw my video for the first time, I’d like to address a few common comments…

The transformation is 100% real. I took a picture every day from January 6, 2003 through April 28, 2004 (I believe the video currently being circulated only shows the first year or so, however). I did not, nor have I ever, used steroids. Yes, I was way too tan back then (also, that was a real tan – I live in Florida and spent a lot of time outside with my shirt off once I lost the fat). I agree that many of my boxer shorts were ridiculous, especially the M&M boxers. I also agree that the bleached hair was a terrible decision, and I am keenly aware of how stupid it looked. Clearly I was very skinny and didn’t have much muscle at the end of my first fat loss phase, but I’ve added a lot of muscle since then (adding muscle takes a lot of time, especially if you’re natural).

I guess my mindset after losing all the fat was to change everything about my “old” self. That led to some poor choices, like the over-the-top tan and the bleached hair. I have no defense for the boxer shorts, except that my wife bought them for me and she liked them. Things settled down over time.

I address many more common questions in my FAQ.

Anyway, among the usual cries of “Fake!” and “Douchebag!”, there are people who are genuinely interested in how I lost all that fat and got in shape. Those people are the reason this site is still here after all these years. If you are interested in learning how to get in shape, start educating yourself by reading these threads on the forums. You can also check out my food logs, my training routines and the daily news archives. I encourage you to create a free account on the forum and introduce yourself, or ask any questions you may have. If you are willing to put some time and effort into it, you can make incredible changes in a relatively short period of time!

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