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Awesome leg workout; Sriracha; Welcome new visitors; My Sago is breaking!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009 by  
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I’ve been going pretty heavy with squats lately, so yesterday I decided to change things up a bit and do a higher volume workout. I started off with a throwback to the SGX style of leg training: I pre-exhausted with leg extensions and lying leg curls, and then I did 3 sets of 20 back squats with just one minute of rest between each set. It’s been awhile since I’ve done that kind of volume for squats, so I had to make an educated guess at how much weight to use. I pretty much nailed the correct weight: when I racked the bar at the end of the last set I was about as close to failure as one can get. I’m still not sure how I completed the last few reps. After the squats I took about four minutes of rest, and then I did a set of burnout Bulgarian split squats. What a workout!

I finally remembered to purchase some Sriracha. I know I’m a late to the game, but until yesterday I’d never eaten Sriracha before. I put some all over my grilled chicken breast yesterday and it was extremely good! It was hotter than I expected, but I love heat so that’s a good thing. Forum member MannishBoy suggested that I mix the Sriracha with some natural peanut butter for sort of an Asian peanut sauce. I’m going to try that today. I’m also going to play around with some stir fry ideas. I think the Sriracha is going to be too spicy for Lisa’s tastes, unfortunately.

I know there are a lot of new visitors to the site – welcome! If you are interested, feel free to check out yesterday’s update for some background information about my old transformation video that’s making the rounds again. There’s also some good information that will help get you started on your own transformation. Armed with the proper information, anyone can make amazing changes to his or her health and physique. You’ll find all the information you need here at JSF, and it’s 100% free.



One final thing before I sign off. As many of you know I’m really into gardening. This morning when I went outside I was surprised to see that my Sago is finally “breaking” (the emergence of new fronds). My Sago did not break in May or June, which is the usual time for that. Here we are in September, and it’s happening. I’ve been growing Sagos for many years and never seen one break in September. I don’t know, maybe it’s more common than I thought? Anyway, here’s a picture. By the way, the black stuff around the fronds are coffee grounds. Coffee grounds are an excellent all-natural way to keep Asian scale away (Asian scale is a huge problem, and will kill your Sago FAST). Try it!

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