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Very sore; No workout today; Exciting BodyShop news!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009 by  
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My quads, hamstrings and glutes are so fried from Monday’s workout that I’m having a very difficult time moving around. I always like to take an early morning walk around my gardens, and this morning I was visibly wincing as I hobbled around. No one seemed to notice. I guess all the people who were out jogging and saw me know what it’s like to be very sore.

Thankfully my aching wheels had no effect on yesterday’s chest and triceps workout, which was excellent! You may recall that I switched my chest and triceps workout around last week, and I did the same workout this week (3 sets of DB bench presses supersetted with close-grip barbell bench press, 3 sets of weighted chest dips with 30 seconds of rest, 2 triple drop sets of tricep bench dips and incline burnout DB flyes supersetted with rope pressdowns). I managed to increase weight and/or reps on every single exercise.

I’ve got today off from training – I’m not even going to do any cardio. I think my body will benefit from a day of total rest.

One final piece of good news before I wrap today’s update up. Initially I felt that the upcoming JSF BodyShop website would have to be a subscription-based pay site, which is a departure from the free/optional donation system used by JSF and the JSF Forums. Unfortunately the development, hardware, bandwidth and administration costs for BodyShop are quite high, but after speaking with the developer of the project yesterday afternoon we think there’s a very good chance that we can come up with an advertising-based business plan that would allow BodyShop to be 100% free of charge. This would be awesome, because JSF has always been about freedom of information and giving people the tools and support they need to succeed for free. I’ll keep you posted!

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