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Back workout; Semi-rant on “The Sun” article; Good interview yesterday.

Friday, September 18, 2009 by  
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I had a very good workout yesterday. The rack pulls hit my back hard and didn’t ask much from my legs, which are still sore from Monday’s leg workout. If I am recalling correctly, my legs have actually been sore as much as 10 days after particularly brutal leg workouts. That degree of soreness is far from the norm for me, however. I think the reason my legs are extra sore this week is two-fold: I switched all my leg exercises around this week, and the volume was insane (36 reps lying leg curls, 36 reps leg extensions, 60 reps squats and 27 reps burnout/failure Bulgarian split squats).

So this article, in which my old time-lapse transformation video is featured, is running in the UK publication “The Sun”. The author of the article incorrectly identifies me as “an unknown American man named Stephen” when the very Youtube video (which, btw I did not post) that he references has a link to my site in the description. A half-second of research would have given him my name and all the information he’d ever need to write the article. But that’s not even why I’m annoyed. The reason I’m irked is because quite a few people contacted me to let me know that they emailed the author with the correct information. In fact, I did so myself. All the emails were ignored. Further, several people told me that they commented on the article with my name and the JSF URL, and they didn’t allow any of them through! That’s pretty weak, as my material is copyrighted and all I am asking for is proper credit.

Anyway, yesterday afternoon I did a phone interview with another UK-based media company. The interviewer had obviously done her homework, and I thought that she asked well thought-out and relevant questions. I gave them a UK exclusive, but they also have worldwide distributions rights, so this interview could appear in quite a few publications worldwide. We’ll see…

AtLarge Nutrition is having a blowout sale! Some select products have been reduced by crazy amounts. This sale is not going to last long, so don’t wait to order. Check out all the details here.

I have to get to work. Happy Friday!

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