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Garden photos; Surprise for Lisa.

Saturday, September 26, 2009 by  
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It is an absolutely beautiful morning! I love to walk my gardens while it’s still relatively cool outside, and this morning I thought everything looked especially beautiful because the sprinkler system had been running and all the plants were shimmering in the early morning light. I haven’t taken a complete set of photos of my gardens since spring, so I grabbed my camera and took a bunch of pictures. After I finish writing this update I’ll get them uploaded to my Facebook and also to my personal web site. I should have them uploaded by around 10:00 AM EDT. Feel free to check them out if you want!

Poor Lisa has been working her butt off, and has been under a lot of pressure at work these days. She put in an 11 hour day yesterday, she’s working again today and next week is going to be even worse. Normally Lisa and I clean the house together on Sunday mornings, but I’m going to surprise her and clean the entire house today so she won’t have to worry about any of that tomorrow when she finally has a day off. Even for two people cleaning this place is a pretty big job, so I’ve definitely got a pretty busy day ahead me.

No training today, so once I finish cleaning I’m going to treat myself to some popcorn a movie. Have a great day!

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