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I’m an idiot.

Sunday, September 27, 2009 by  
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Yesterday was extremely productive: I did a few hours of gardening, cleaned the house from top to bottom (Lisa was blown away when she got home from work and saw what I’d done) and did some work on the new JSF web site. I posted some pictures of the gardens on Facebook, but I’m not real happy with how they came out. The front of my home faces West, and the low morning sun made for some overblown and very shadowy photographs. Maybe if the weather is nice I’ll take a new set of photos this afternoon.

So yesterday I did one of the dumbest things I’ve done in long, long time. As I mentioned, I got out in the gardens did a couple hours of work: I trimmed the plants and palms, and then I fertilized, trimmed and “deadheaded” all the rose bushes. When I finished up I was hot, sweaty, tired, out of water and dying for a shower. I walked into the garage, and noticed that the water softener’s salt level warning light was illuminated. I grabbed a 60 pound bag of rock salt, cut it open, dumped it into the salt tank and reset the salt level in the softener’s computer. Satisfied, I turned toward the door leading to the house, when suddenly it dawned on me that I’d just done something incredibly stupid. I always lock the door to the house when I do yard work, but I don’t like carrying the keys with me because I wear loose shorts and I’m paranoid that they keys could fall out and be lost. So I hide them. In the garage. In the water softener’s salt tank. Yeah: I buried my keys under 60 effing pounds of salt. The tank is hard-plumbed, so it’s not like I could tip it over, and it’s not big enough to get a shovel in there. It took a couple minutes for the reality of my situation to sink in, and then I began to dig, one handful at a time. Remember I said that I trimmed and deadheaded all those rose bushes? My hands were covered with dozens of tiny nicks and cuts, and I was quite literally rubbing salt into my wounds each time I reached in for another handful. It took me about 30 minutes to dig my way down to the keys. Yeah, go ahead and laugh it up, I totally deserve it…

Anyway, today I’m not going to do anything that requires physical effort or the use of my sun-fried brain. Enjoy your Sunday!

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