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Loki and the popcorn machine; 3 things I do in the gym (and that’s it!)

Yesterday after I ran a few morning errands it was already way too hot for yard work, so I decided to goof around all day. I played in a poker tournament (did very well, too!) and then watched a movie with Lisa and Loki. We made popcorn and, as he always does, Loki freaked out. I really have to get some video of Loki losing his mind as the popcorn pops (I do have some… [Read more]

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So sore; Some new menu ideas; Saturday plans.

This past week I’ve had some amazing, extremely intense workouts. I am so ready for a couple of days off from training – my entire body is aching! My legs are still sore from Monday’s workout, but thankfully this morning the soreness has subsided into a dull ache. It’s nice to be able to walk again! This week I’m going to try preparing some new Asian dishes. I’m going to serve shrimp and veggie spring… [Read more]

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Back workout; Semi-rant on “The Sun” article; Good interview yesterday.

I had a very good workout yesterday. The rack pulls hit my back hard and didn’t ask much from my legs, which are still sore from Monday’s leg workout. If I am recalling correctly, my legs have actually been sore as much as 10 days after particularly brutal leg workouts. That degree of soreness is far from the norm for me, however. I think the reason my legs are extra sore this week is two-fold:… [Read more]

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Legs still really sore; Today’s back workout; Tired.

Today is my back and biceps workout, but my legs are still way too sore from Monday’s workout to do deadlifts. I was talking about this last night on Facebook, and Phil R. suggested rack pulls as a good alternative. I think that is an excellent suggestion, so I’m going to do the same back and biceps workout I did last week with this one substitution. I stayed up about an hour past my usual… [Read more]

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Very sore; No workout today; Exciting BodyShop news!

My quads, hamstrings and glutes are so fried from Monday’s workout that I’m having a very difficult time moving around. I always like to take an early morning walk around my gardens, and this morning I was visibly wincing as I hobbled around. No one seemed to notice. I guess all the people who were out jogging and saw me know what it’s like to be very sore. Thankfully my aching wheels had no effect… [Read more]

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Awesome leg workout; Sriracha; Welcome new visitors; My Sago is breaking!

I’ve been going pretty heavy with squats lately, so yesterday I decided to change things up a bit and do a higher volume workout. I started off with a throwback to the SGX style of leg training: I pre-exhausted with leg extensions and lying leg curls, and then I did 3 sets of 20 back squats with just one minute of rest between each set. It’s been awhile since I’ve done that kind of volume… [Read more]

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Initial fat loss video is viral again; Some common comments addressed.

My initial transformation video from way back in 2003 has gone viral again. Quite a few of the sites that posted my video didn’t link to this site or provide any back story, which is too bad. If you are one of those people who just saw my video for the first time, I’d like to address a few common comments… The transformation is 100% real. I took a picture every day from January 6,… [Read more]

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More on the JSF BodyShop; Taking today off; October “100 Challenge”.

Yesterday afternoon I had a very productive conversation with Matt Drouillard, who is the lead designer/programmer of the upcoming JSF BodyShop web site. As Matt and I talked he took me on a remote desktop tour of the project. I think I must said “wow!” about a hundred times. My expectations were high, but what I saw yesterday went way beyond anything I’d imagined. The JSF BodyShop is going to be extremely powerful, yet fun… [Read more]

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Woke on time; Lat strain; We need your help; My fat loss animation.

I woke up at 6:00 AM sharp this morning, but it felt much earlier than that. I was surprised when I checked the clock and saw that it was time to get up. Loki was at the foot of the bed sawing logs. There was a time when I could depend on Loki as a very reliable back-up alarm, but he’s an old boy now and likes to sleep in. I feel like I strained… [Read more]

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Overslept, way behind.

I guess yesterday’s workout was even more taxing that I thought. Last night I felt extra tired when I went to bed at my usual time, and this morning I overslept by an entire hour! I very rarely sleep past 6:00 AM, so it was quite a shock when I woke up and saw the clock. Even more shocking was seeing Loki curled up next to me and snoring away a full hour past his… [Read more]

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