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Taking a few days off from training; New home gym news.

All those nagging aches and pains I mentioned earlier this week are telling me that it’s time for a little break from training. It’s been months since I’ve taken a few days off, and I really need to do it (I don’t want to!) I decided not to train yesterday, and I’m not going to train today or this weekend. I may take Monday and Tuesday off as well, but if I’m feeling healed up I probably won’t.

Last night I had a very long and interesting conversation with the manufacturer of the new home gym equipment I first mentioned a couple months ago. Development of this machine has been proceeding smoothly, and the very first prototype is on the near horizon! I wish I could share what I know about the new machine, but I signed an NDA and am very restricted on what I can and can not say. I will post updates as I am able, but if you want to get the absolute latest information get on the mailing list. There’s also a thread on the forums with a little more information.

Enjoy your Friday!