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Job situation; Dealing with stress sans alcohol; Satay recipe posted.

Thursday, October 15, 2009 by  
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The meeting I mentioned in yesterday’s update was about what I expected: the asset sale of most of our major contracts and on-site network equipment is expected to be completed this week. One of my friends and a close co-worker for almost 10 years (he was hired shortly after I was) will be let go when the sale is completed. This is very sad news, as he and I basically ran the whole show together. The only thing that saved my job (for the moment) is that we have a few remaining contracts and I’m the only person who can run all aspects of the network. My friend was the Operations Manager, and now I’ll have to take on his responsibilities as well. I don’t know how much longer my company will survive, but I was assured that I would be given plenty of notice if we’re going to fold. We do have some irons in the fire, so I’m hopeful that some of those projects will pan out and we can pull out of this mess (and hire my friend back).

On a brighter note, I’m eating clean and my training is going quite well. I’ve also resisted the urge to calm my nerves with alcohol. Lately I’ve found that having a couple of drinks after work has become more of the rule than the exception, and that bothered me a great deal. So, this past weekend I decided that the right move is to give up alcohol completely, and I’ve done that. I have a very addictive personality, and I don’t need any more complications in my life right now.

I posted my spin on Phoenix’s satay recipe over in the recipe section. It’s so good! Be sure to give it a try.

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