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Cool weather; Meeting with owner of company at my home today.

It’s 58 degrees outside right now! This morning when I let Loki out it felt so good to open the back door and not be hit by a blast of hot, humid air. I stepped into the backyard and took a deep breath with a huge smile on my face. Looks like we’re in for some cool weather for the next few days, so this is definitely a weekend for outdoor activities.

Yesterday I received an email from the owner of the company I work for, and he wants to meet today to go over some numbers and discuss the future of the company. I was looking forward to spending the entire day playing around outdoors, but this is pretty important. So, I invited him and his wife over for an afternoon meeting followed by a movie up in the theater (they’ve never been out to the new house). We had a preliminary discussion on the telephone yesterday, and I was assured that my job is secure for the “foreseeable future”. That is great news – no doubt about that – but hopefully after looking at the numbers the term “foreseeable future” will be better defined. With things as they are I’ll be assuming some risk if I decide to stay and not seek other employment, so I will be pushing for a fair “exit strategy” and severance commitment. The guy I work for is fair, honest and a good person, so I’m confident we can work something out.

By the way, with my right-hand man leaving the company in the very near future, this is probably going my last chance to take any time off for a long time. I’ve been tentatively approved to take the week of November 2nd off. I’ll probably take the week off from updating this site, too. We’ll see.

Sorry about all the personal/non-fitness stuff I’ve been blogging about lately. Although I’ve always used this space to talk about my personal and work life right alongside my fitness activities, it just so happens that my work life is in a bit of turmoil right now, and my thoughts have been consumed by that lately. Hopefully today’s meeting will give me some piece of mind and allow me to relax a bit.