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No more whining about bikes!

Monday, October 19, 2009 by  
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Lisa is off today, and I’m trying to get the day off so we can go… BIKE SHOPPING! Yes, bike shopping! It looks like my days of whining about wanting a bike are over, and you can thank my mom and a close family friend for that. Yesterday they surprised me and Lisa with a most unexpected and incredibly generous gift: new bikes and accessories! With everything going on at my job there is no way we could justify purchasing new bikes, so this is truly awesome. I’m still in shock, and beyond excited. The weather is absolutely incredible, and the mere thought of me and Lisa riding around outside makes me feel less stressed than I’ve felt in months.

Of course the question now is what kind of bikes (road? mountain? hybrid?) should we get. A few weeks ago when I first brought up the subject of bikes I got some awesome advice that really helped jumpstart the learning process. I honestly had no idea how deep the waters run when it comes to bikes. I’ve started a discussion thread on the forums and I welcome any and all input. Hopefully the thread will wind up being a useful resource for anyone else who might be looking to take their cardio outdoors. There’s already some excellent information in there.

Well, hopefully I can get the day off and will fall in love with something while we’re out shopping. The weather is so nice that I’m pretty sure I could spend an entire day out riding with no complaints.

Have a great day everyone!

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