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Good workout yesterday; Vacation plans; Saturday plans.

Saturday, October 24, 2009 by  
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Yesterday I worked my delts and traps, and I had a really good workout. After I trained I thought about going for a bike ride, but I decided to wait because Lisa and I will be riding today and again tomorrow. I’m starting to feel pretty at home on the bike, but Lisa is still struggling a bit with the gears. Over the next week I’m sure she’ll become much more comfortable with her bike’s controls. We’re both on vacation starting November 2, and the plan while we’re off is to ride every day, and to to hit up a couple of scenic paved trails. I may venture off-road at some point, too.

Yesterday I upgrade my main desktop machine from Windows 7 Release Candidate to retail Windows 7 Professional. I installed the new O/S “clean”, and so I had to re-install/re-configure all my applications. The entire process was very smooth, and went far faster than I thought it would. I’d say I’m already 90% done with getting everything back up and running. I’ve been running Windows 7 for a few months now, and I really like it.

I’ve got a pretty busy weekend ahead. This morning I’ve got to get a haircut, and as soon as I return home I’ve got a virtual meeting with the developer of the new JSF BodyShop web site. Development on BodyShop is proceeding very nicely, and soon we should have some detailed information to share with everyone. We’re also very close to finalizing the business model, and at this point it’s all but certain that we’re going to make the entire BodyShop web site 100% free to everyone! I know you guys are going to be blown away by this product!

After my meeting I’m going to get a couple hours of computer work done, and then I’m playing in a pretty exciting poker tournament. The winner of this tournament earns a spot on the European poker tour. This particular stop on the EPT will be held in Prague from December 1-6. The winner of this satellite tournament will receive a prize package worth over $10,000, including the €5,000 + €250 buy-in to the EPT. I’d love to play poker get my ass handed to me in Prague by some of the strongest players in the world!

I’d better get moving. Have a great Saturday!

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