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First look at the all-new JSF BodyShop™ web site!

Monday, October 26, 2009 by  
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I don’t have a lot of time left this morning because I’ve been busy assembling the first JSF BodyShop™ information post! I’ve just posted screenshots, a partial feature list and some additional information that will hopefully give you a better sense of what you can expect to find when BodyShop™ launches early next year. Keep in mind that when I say “partial feature list”, I really mean it: there are so many more features than what we’re showing you today. Today we’re illustrating BodyShop™ in very broad strokes. In the coming weeks we’ll get into more details, and perhaps release some video so you can see how the site looks in action. Your comments and questions are more than welcome, so please feel free to chime in.

Today’s going to be a very busy day for me. Lisa’s off, and I think we’re going to go for a bike ride this morning before I have to get to work. I’m filling in for a co-worker today, so I’m probably going to have a fairly hectic day at work. Today is Monday, so of course I’ve got a brutal leg workout ahead, too. I should sleep quite well tonight!

I need to get some breakfast in me and get my ride in. Have a great day!

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