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So tired; Today’s fitness plans.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009 by  
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The network gods appear to be conspiring against me. For the past two nights I’ve been paged in the wee hours. Actually last night I received a total of six emergency text alerts. I’m too tired to whine. If you want to hear me complain, just read yesterday’s update, rinse and repeat.

Tired as I am, that doesn’t change my fitness plans for today. I’ve got the day off from weight training, but this afternoon (weather permitting) Lisa and I will be setting off on a 15 mile bike ride. This weekend we’re going to go on a 20-mile ride, and next week (vacation week – yay! o/) we’re going to start exploring some local trails. The West-Orange trail looks pretty awesome, but I read some reviews that indicated the Northern-most section of the trail runs behind some really bad neighborhoods. There have even been multiple assaults and muggings along the trail in that area! I’d really hate to have to shoot someone on such an otherwise fun day, so I think we’re going to avoid the northern 8-mile section of the trail entirely. That would put the round-trip at 28 miles, with a lunch break at the halfway point. Piece of cake. I’ll be taking the camera along, and hope to have some nice shots to post.

What I really need right now is sleep, but I guess I’d better pour another cup of coffee and get to work. Have a great day!

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