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It’s so hot here…

I was really hoping things would cool off enough for me to do part of Monday’s leg workout outside, but it doesn’t look like we’re going to be getting any relief from the ridiculous October heat wave we’ve been experiencing here in Central Florida. How hot? Well, on Thursday we tied the record high of 95 degrees, and yesterday we broke the October 9 record high with 93 degrees. The high temps are bad enough,… [Read more]

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I know why my satay was not spicy enough; Bad week at work.

I realized just this morning why my satay peanut sauce was not spicy enough: I accidentally used curry paste in the peanut sauce instead of chili paste. Duh! I just opened the chili paste and took a taste, and it’s got a great flavor and a lot of kick. It will make all the difference in the world. I can’t believe I made such a significant error. I mean, the sauce was still good, but… [Read more]

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Satay and cucumber salad: recipes and photos!

Back to training today! Today is back and biceps day. My workout is as follows: low rep, very heavy deadlifts, weighted wide-grip pull-ups, bent-over barbell rows, seated low cable rows, standing ez-curls and “down the rack” DB hammer curls. After a week off, I’m dying to hit the weights so this should be a good one. So last night I made the Satay recipe posted on the forum by Phoenix, and I also prepared a… [Read more]

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I have the day off.

I wish I could say that things went well at work yesterday, but that wouldn’t be accurate. Actually, the part I expected to have issues with – bringing the circuit up and deploying the main server – went off without a hitch! Unfortunately there were a few unexpected problems that made for a long and stressful day. Thankfully those issues will not affect my ability to take a comp day today in exchange for working… [Read more]

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Jazzing up bland food; Satay recipe; Long day at work ahead.

Lately I’ve been making all kinds of new dishes and trying new spices and sauces. These simple tweaks have made a huge difference in my enjoyment of old standby proteins like chicken breasts. For example, yesterday I had a grilled chicken breast and brown rice, only this time I put a tablespoon of Sriracha hot sauce on the plate for dipping. This simple addition turned a mundane meal into something I thoroughly enjoyed. I’ve done… [Read more]

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Elbow pain; 2,465 days!

I’m taking a week off from training, so no leg workout for me this afternoon. I may sneak in some HIIT cardio just to get some form of exercise in. The time off seems to be helping. The pain in my lower back and hip is almost completely gone, but I’m still feeling some tendonitis-like pain in my forearm and elbow. Triceps work – especially stuff like skull crushers, french curls and standing dumbbell extensions… [Read more]

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Slept in; Aches and pains; Sunday plans.

I went to bed on time, but wound up sleeping until almost 7:00 AM. I’ve got nothing to do today, so an extra hour of sleep is no big deal. Loki tried to get me up at 5:30, but when I rolled away from his licks he apparently agreed that sawing a few more logs wasn’t such a bad idea. Taking a couple days off from training has helped some of those nagging aches and… [Read more]

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Working today…

It’s Saturday, but unfortunately Lisa and I both have to work today. I really can’t complain, poor Lisa’s going to have a much longer day than I will. I started working at 6:30 this morning and should be finished by 2:00 PM or so, but Lisa left the house at 6:30 and won’t be home until 6:00 this evening – maybe even later. Fortunately we both are getting a day off some time next week… [Read more]

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Taking a few days off from training; New home gym news.

All those nagging aches and pains I mentioned earlier this week are telling me that it’s time for a little break from training. It’s been months since I’ve taken a few days off, and I really need to do it (I don’t want to!) I decided not to train yesterday, and I’m not going to train today or this weekend. I may take Monday and Tuesday off as well, but if I’m feeling healed up… [Read more]

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Bikes;October TSM.

Yesterday morning I casully mentioned that I’ve been thinking about buying a couple of bikes so Lisa and I could start taking rides around the neighborhood and nearby parks. We live in a very large neghborhood, and there are also miles and miles of nice paved bike trails just around the corner from us, so there’s lots to explore. Within an hour of making my post, two things quickly became very apparent: There are a… [Read more]

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