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No soreness from biking; Biking equipment want list.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009 by  
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Someone wrote to me and asked if all the bike riding I’ve been doing lately has resulted in any muscle soreness. The answer is no, I’ve not experienced even the slightest amount of soreness or any other significant pain. Lisa was a little sore after our 35-mile ride this past Saturday, but she doesn’t train with weights. About the only pain I’ve experienced was a sore butt towards the end of my longer rides. I upgraded the stock saddle and purchased some bike shorts (which have padding in them), but at the end of my 35-mile ride I was still a little uncomfortable. I’ll probably go down to the bike shop this weekend and talk to the experts there about my options.

There are a few other pieces of biking equipment that I want to purchase…

Probably first on the list are clipless pedals and shoes. A clipless pedal rig will allow me to generate more power, but – more importantly – clipless pedals will get my hamstrings into the action. Right now my quads are doing the bulk of the work, so balancing that out with some power from my hamstrings is very attractive to me.

Something else that is near the top of my want list is an HD helmet camera! Fishing my bulky camera out of my pocket is distracting, and filming while steering with one hand is not very safe. I’ve been looking at a lot of different helmet cameras, and there are some amazing products out there right now. Most of the camera demo footage I’ve seen is very impressive. These cameras do an incredibly good job of removing all most all of the wind noise and stabilizing the image, and the video quality is outstanding. Check out some of this sick mountain bike test footage from the GoPro HD Helmet HERO camera (records on an SD card up to 1080p @ 30 FPS):

It’s hard to believe the camera is only $299. It will be available on November 25th. I’m also looking at other cameras, but this one seems to have the best wind noise reduction and image of the ones I’ve seen so far. More footage and details are available on the GoPro website.

No weight training today, and the forecast looks good. I think Lisa and I will do a 15 or 20 mile ride when we get off work.

Thanks for stopping by – have a great day!

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