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HD Helmet cam coming soon: HD HERO or ContourHD?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009 by  
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My camcorder rig was sold yesterday, so I’ll be using those funds to finance a high-definition helmet camera! There are really only two choices here: VholdR’s ContourHD 1080p or GoPro’s HD Helmet HERO.

Right now I’ve pretty much decided on the HD Helmet HERO. I’ve watched quite a bit of footage from both of these cameras, and I definitely prefer the video I’ve seen from the HERO. The HERO also seems to do a much better job of cutting out wind noise compared to the ContourHD, which is very important to me. Check out some of the video on their web sites and judge for yourself.

The HERO can handle up to 32GB SDHC cards – twice as large as the ContourHD’s maximum of 16GB. I also like that the HERO will make available so-called “Backpacs” that will expand the functionality of the camera (for example, one Backpac doubles the battery life to around 5 hours and other adds an LCD screen for preview and playback).

The ContourHD is very sleek and good looking compared to the HERO, which is just plain ugly. Still, I like that the HERO has a very tough, waterproof (to 180 feet) polycarbonate and steel housing. I would be worried about breaking the ContourHD in a wipe out.

Another huge win over the ContourHD is the HERO can take continuous 5MP photographs at preset intervals from 2-60 seconds. I think that’s a great feature, and one that I’ll definitely use a lot.

Finally, the HERO offers a much wider variety of mounting options right out of the box compared to the ContourHD.

Oh, and the HERO is $30.00 less than the ContourHD. I think I’m going to place my pre-order for the HERO today (the official launch date is November 25th).

You can expect a lot more video from me very soon! 🙂

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