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Got the wrong camera yesterday, but the right one will be here today.

Friday, November 20, 2009 by  
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I had an exceptionally good workout (back and biceps) yesterday morning. That was the first time I’ve lifted in the morning in a long, long time. I still think I prefer lifting in the afternoon, but it was nice for a bit of change.

The reason I lifted early yesterday was so I could go on a bike ride after work and check out my new wearable HD camcorder. The package arrived on schedule, but someone in the warehouse accidentally pulled the wrong camera! When I opened the box I was disappointed to find the Contour 1080p and not the GoPro HD Helmet HERO. Like I said on Facebook yesterday, I was briefly tempted to keep the Contour. The Contour is an exceptionally good looking piece of equipment – far sexier than the boxy GoPro HD:

Contour HD 1080p

Contour HD 1080p

I stopped drooling long enough to reminded myself that this is a marriage and not a one night stand; personality trumps appearance. I did a lot of research on these cameras, and I know the GoPro HD Helmet HERO is the right choice for me. So I called RPM and they took care of things with no hassle at all. They overnighted me the GoPro camera, and it will be here today.

So I’m going to lift early again today. I want to get the camera out on the road this afternoon after work so I can test it out and get familiar with it before hitting the trails this weekend. I’ll probably post some photos of the unboxing, some test footage and my initial impressions in tomorrow morning’s update.

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