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Awesome day yesterday; The weather is incredible.

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving celebration yesterday! All the food came out perfectly cooked and I successfully managed to synchronize the completion of all the dishes. We ate a lot, but none of us ate to the point of discomfort. The atmosphere was laid back and fun. We raised our glasses to Turtle, who we all still miss very much – particularly on what I’m pretty sure was her favorite day of the year! I have a bunch of pictures to go through, and will post them up as soon as I have time.

I wish I could take the day off from work today, but I simply have too much to do. Lisa is also working. It’s killing us because the weather is absolutely perfect for riding. I’ve never wanted to play hooky so badly in all my life! The weather should be very nice this weekend, too, so I’m trying to be patient. I can’t wait to get out on the trails with Lisa and check out some new territory.

Well, I’d better go. Lisa’s parents spent the night and everyone is having coffee together as I sit in here by myself hunched over my keyboard. See you tomorrow!