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Got the wrong camera yesterday, but the right one will be here today.

I had an exceptionally good workout (back and biceps) yesterday morning. That was the first time I’ve lifted in the morning in a long, long time. I still think I prefer lifting in the afternoon, but it was nice for a bit of change. The reason I lifted early yesterday was so I could go on a bike ride after work and check out my new wearable HD camcorder. The package arrived on schedule, but… [Read more]

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My GoPro HD Helmet HERO will be here today!

A few minutes ago Lisa called me from the cruise ship, which has just returned to port. They should start disembarking within the hour, so she should be home by noon. Loki and I sure missed her; things are just not the same around here when she’s gone! So after quite a bit of research, yesterday I finally pulled the trigger on the GoPro HD Helmet HERO. The choice I had to make was between… [Read more]

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I love the changes I’ve made; JSF Poker Tournament.

As most of you know, for the past few months my diet and training have changed quite a lot compared to how I’ve done things in years past… DIET: I no longer eat every 3 hours (I simply eat when I’m hungry), I don’t count calories anymore and I’ve added much more variety to my diet. I’ve successfully maintained my body fat percentage while doing this, and I no longer feel like I’m a slave… [Read more]

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HD Helmet cam coming soon: HD HERO or ContourHD?

My camcorder rig was sold yesterday, so I’ll be using those funds to finance a high-definition helmet camera! There are really only two choices here: VholdR’s ContourHD 1080p or GoPro’s HD Helmet HERO. Right now I’ve pretty much decided on the HD Helmet HERO. I’ve watched quite a bit of footage from both of these cameras, and I definitely prefer the video I’ve seen from the HERO. The HERO also seems to do a much… [Read more]

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Rocky: The Undisputed Collection [Blu-ray]

Chances are you’ve seen most of the ‘Rocky’ films, but if you don’t own them you should think about picking up the very reasonably-priced Blu-ray box set.

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Fun solo ride yesterday; I found the river; December “100 Challenge”.

I hope everyone had a very good weekend! Lisa left for her cruise yesterday morning, and I didn’t really have any specific plans for the day. I didn’t feel like sitting around the house alone, so I decided to load up my bike and head over to the Seminole-Wekiva trail for a solo run. I wound up doing 29 miles, and I pushed the pace pretty good. My average speed to the halfway point was… [Read more]

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Lisa going out of town; More on Santos trails; BodyShop™ update.

Lisa is setting sail for the Bahamas today. Man, I really wish I could go. I have very fond memories of the 2008 JSF Cruise to the Bahamas. I’m still not sure what I’m going to do today. I thought about driving out to the Santos trails (mentioned in yesterday’s update), but I think that will be a lot more fun with Lisa. I showed her some of the pictures and videos on the Santos… [Read more]

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Ready to take it off-road: Santos.

It looks like it’s going to be a pretty nice day outside, so when Lisa gets off work I think we’re going to hop on the bikes and get at least 15 miles in. I don’t think we’ll have time to hit the trails before it gets dark, so we’ll probably need to stay close to home. I’ve been doing some research on the off-road trails around here, and from what I can tell Santos… [Read more]

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Awesome workout yesterday; Weekend plans; AtLarge 15% off sale!

I had a really good back and biceps workout yesterday, and I changed things up a bit for this week. My leg workout on Monday was a heavy, low volume workout, so yesterday I decided to use more moderate weights and higher volume. I did 4 sets of 12 deadlifts, 3 sets 10 T-Bar rows, 3 sets of burnout wide-grip bodyweight pullups, 3 sets of 10-12 barbell curls, 2 sets of “down the rack” hammer… [Read more]

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Bad headache yesterday/this morning; Selling my camcorder.

I developed a killer sinus headache yesterday afternoon, which is a very rare thing for me. I decided to skip my planned bike ride and took the day off from exercise. This morning when I first woke up my head was still killing me, but now the headache is almost completely gone. I can still feel some pressure, so hopefully it won’t come back. Even if the headache returns I’m going to do my back/biceps… [Read more]

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