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No soreness from biking; Biking equipment want list.

Someone wrote to me and asked if all the bike riding I’ve been doing lately has resulted in any muscle soreness. The answer is no, I’ve not experienced even the slightest amount of soreness or any other significant pain. Lisa was a little sore after our 35-mile ride this past Saturday, but she doesn’t train with weights. About the only pain I’ve experienced was a sore butt towards the end of my longer rides. I… [Read more]

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Busy day yesterday; Excellent leg workout; BodyShop™ update.

As expected after returning from a week off, yesterday was a very busy day. Not a bad day, or even a particularly stressful day, just a hectic one. By the way, if you missed yesterday’s update, it’s a fairly detailed account of my vacation biking adventures (and mis-adventures), complete with links to plenty of additional photos and videos. You can check it out here. I had a great leg workout yesterday afternoon. I’ve been doing… [Read more]

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Awesome, very active vacation! Lots of biking adventure photos and videos.

I’m back from my week-long vacation. Lisa and I packed so much into the past week that the vacation felt more like 2 weeks! I had to do some amount of work while I was off, but I knew about that going in. Thankfully there were no unplanned interruptions or network emergencies that required my presence. This vacation was definitely a fitness-oriented vacation. I did my usual weight training, but the highlights of the vacation… [Read more]

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