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Update from the manufacturer on the new strength training machine.

Friday, December 4, 2009 by  
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Hrm, I’m feeling a little under the weather this morning. Nothing serious, but a little stuffy and groggy. I’ve been pretty stressed out lately, and I’m sure that’s having a negative effect on my immune system. Hopefully I can shake this off. I’m pretty sure I haven’t been sick in at least a couple of years! Unless I start feeling much worse as the day wears on, I’ll definitely be working out today.

In yesterday’s update I talked about some of the various projects that I’m working on. One of those projects is a brand new high-end weight/strength training machine. This new machine is being developed from the ground up to be the very best of its kind. Throughout the design process I worked directly with the team responsible for the design of the machine, and I’m amazed at what they’ve been able to accomplish. I can’t tell you how many ideas that I threw at them that started like this, “I don’t think there’s any way you could do this, but it would be really cool if…”, and then, somehow, they did it!

Here is the latest update direct from the manufacturer:

“To those who have inquired about our product, we appreciate your interest. John asked if we would be willing to give a brief update as we approach the launch of our new product. Without giving away too much to the competition, we can share a few tidbits. Our product is a no holds barred development addressing many of the compromises found on other products in the premium fitness market. We have a very talented group of folks working on our team, including engineers involved in the Bloodhound SSC project (fastest supersonic car in the world). We appreciate John sharing his experience and knowledge of the various pieces of fitness equipment he has evolved with. Much of what he and other industry insiders, including those on these boards have contributed, has helped to optimize our design.

The capabilities of our product will cover a wide range, from the most serious free weight and cable enthusiasts, to those wanting a quick, simple workout without lugging weight plates around. It will include a leg press (seated and vertical) and a host of cable exercises beyond anything on the market today. We are not currently aware of any machine on the market with more capabilities than our new machine. We think even Titan, Hoist Fitness and Tuff Stuff users will be pleasantly surprised with what we have created. Ease of operation is a key point for us along with high quality and versatility.

The beginnings of our product were prompted by the need for fire departments that require a very high quality all-in-one machine that doesn’t take up a ton of floor space for daily workouts. We had the engineering talent and wherewithal to create such a machine. After carefully studying the competition, our market research indicated a large number of personal home users looking for and willing to pay extra for a higher quality, more functional machine. To that end, the new machine was created. We look forward to forging a fitness partnership with those of you interested in a machine of this caliber in the coming months. We have agreed to give JSF forum users a special launch price that likely will be the lowest price you will see the machine sold for. That price is yet to be determined.”

I will continue to post updates as they are sent to me from the manufacturer.

Time to get to work. Happy Friday!

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