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Killed that cold; JSF BodyShop™ news!

Saturday, December 5, 2009 by  
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Yesterday morning I was not feeling 100%, but by the time my afternoon workout rolled around I was feeling much better. This morning I’m feeling good, but clearly still fighting something off.

Prior to 2003 when I ate poorly, didn’t workout, smoked and did drugs I would become ill rather frequently. I’m not talking about a mild cold, either; I’m talking about “I can’t get out of bed, I wish I were dead” kind of sick. Of course there have been a couple of occasions over the past few years (like yesterday morning) when I’ve clearly been fighting off a bug, but I don’t think I’ve used a sick day or been laid up in bed in several years. Being sick flat-out sucks, so it’s very nice to not have to deal with that too often. I feel that my diet is the #1 reason I don’t get sick much anymore.

This morning I have my usual weekly meeting with Matt, the developer of the JSF BodyShop™ software. Over the past few days we’ve been making preparations to move the code and the database to the JSF servers. Matt’s been working hard to make sure that existing JSF forum users can join and then get their BodyShop accounts up and running quickly and easily. If you have an account on the JSF Forums, your username will remain reserved for you on BodyShop! When you log in to BodyShop for the first time, it will check your username and password against the forums and then automatically pull your username, password and profile information from the forums to get your BodyShop account and profile off to a fast start. It’s really going to be that simple! Of course you can customize your BodyShop account all you like after you join, but we wanted to make the sign up process as simple and hassle-free as possible.

Another very cool feature that Matt recently added is the ability for us to create graphical “skins”, just like on the forum. These skins allow BodyShop users to quickly switch the entire look of BodyShop to suit their preferences. We plan to create a number of skins after launch, and we should be able to add user-created skins as well. Everyone is different, and so we want JSF BodyShop™ to look and feel the way YOU think it should.

By the way, the default look of BodyShop has changed quite a bit since the screenshots we posted awhile back.

There is so much more I could talk about, but I’m out of time. The list of features and the capabilities of the BodyShop software is quite extensive, and we have so much more planned for Version 2. The closed beta program is only a couple weeks away from launch, so Bronze+ JSF Supporters be sure to watch your email for your invite!

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