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Hip “injury” is likely just soreness; My upcoming cut.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009 by  
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So yesterday I mentioned that my hip, wrist and shoulder were hurting, and speculated that the pain was the result of flipping my bike while riding the trails this past weekend. Well, I still think the wrist and shoulder pain was due to the wipe out (they feel fine now, by the way), but now I’m not so sure about the hip pain. Yesterday afternoon I noticed some discomfort in both of my hips, and in the exact same spot on both sides. I realized that the sensation felt more like muscle soreness than an actual injury. Sure enough, yesterday afternoon I was able to squat heavy with no problem. I wonder if riding the off-road trails is forcing me to use muscles that I don’t normally use when leg training? Interesting…

I’m getting pretty excited about my upcoming cutting cycle (January 4th). Even though aesthetics have taken a backseat to my overall health and fitness levels, I still want to be at a body fat level that I’m comfortable with during the summer. I have not taken measurements or a body fat reading in quite some time, and I don’t plan to do so until the first day of my cutting phase. Over the past few months my scale weight has remained rock-steady, but I suspect I may have lost a little muscle (which, of course, means I’ve added some fat). If I had to guess I’d say I’m around 13% body fat right now, and I’m going to diet down until I’m happy with how I look with my shirt off – probably 8% or 9% body fat. I will be 100% strict with my diet and training until I reach my goal. I’ll be posting my complete diet and training plans, of course. One change on this cut is that I will be doing very little (if any) “formal” cardio: riding the off-road trails is an incredible HIIT workout, and about a million times more fun and exciting than sitting alone on a bike in my gym.

Unless something blows up at work I am taking a personal day tomorrow! Lisa is off from work, too. I don’t train tomorrow, so if the weather holds up we’re going to hit the trails again. I think my boss is nervous that I’m going to kill myself on the trails, leaving no one to run the network. 😆

I’d better sign off and get busy. Have a great day!

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