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Yesterday’s workout; New footage from Wednesday’s ride; Ocular migraine?

Friday, December 11, 2009 by  
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I had a really satisfying back and biceps workout yesterday. I decided to go heavy/low reps with my deadlifts, and I was particularly careful with my form because I am still feeling a little tossed around from Wednesday’s day at the trails. When I’m lowering the weight on a deadlift I always scrape the bar down my shins to make sure I’m keeping the weight as close to my body as possible. Unfortunately yesterday that dragging action ripped one of the scabs on my shins clean off, and I started bleeding like a stuck pig (it didn’t feel too great, either). I slapped a bandage on there, but then I ripped that off on the very next set. 😆

I think all this mountain biking I’ve been doing lately is forcing me to use some muscles that are not hit with my usual weight training workouts. I’ve had some soreness in places I normally never get sore: the front-ish part of my hips (above and just outside of my quads) were pretty sore earlier this week, and this morning both of my ankles are sore. There’s no question that it’s muscle soreness. It’s a little weird to have sore ankles!

In yesterday’s update I wrote about Wednesday’s awesome mountain biking outing with Lisa and Roger. I also posted a video, but mentioned that, unfortunately, some of the footage had been lost. Yesterday evening I was able to recover much of that footage from the SD card, and so I created another video last night. This new video has a lot of footage of three of us chatting after a couple of our earlier trail runs (the first run was not a very good one for any of us). I also acted as chase cam while Roger tackled one of the trails, and that footage was recovered and included in this video, too. You can check out the video below, or follow this link for a larger, High Definition version of the video.

The weirdest thing just happened. I was typing this update, when all of a sudden I was having trouble reading some of the text. There were bright spots that sort of washed out the area I was directly looking at. It was in both eyes. A very short time later (a couple of minutes), that went away and was replaced by wavy, rainbow-like lines at my peripheral vision. I did a quick search and it sounds like I was hit with something called an “ocular migraine”. There was absolutely no pain (and I’ve never had a migraine of any sort in my entire life), but my sinuses have been pretty crazy the last few days. Apparently ocular migraines are caused by blood flow restriction to the eyes, and are harmless. It lasted about 20 minutes, and then went away. Scared the crap out of me until I figured out what was going on. Any of you guys had something like this happen?

Time to get to work. Happy Friday!

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