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No trails today, too much to do; First bunnyhop!

Sunday, December 13, 2009 by  
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As much as I want to hit the trails today, Lisa and I just have too much to do around the house. Also, I got paged at 4:00 AM this morning and never really got back to sleep, so I’m feeling a bit tired. I don’t think that riding the off-road trails at Big Tree while tired would be a wise move, especially at my level of experience. Those trails are challenging enough when I’m fully alert!

Hopefully we’ll get done with our household chores in time for at least a bike ride around the neighborhood. Also, I want to practice fixing a flat in the garage. This is something I’ve been meaning to do, but have been putting off. I’ve read up on how to change/patch a bike inner tube, but I’ve never actually done it. I was reminded in this thread that making sure you can fix a flat is best done under controlled conditions. So that’s on the list for today.

My first  bunnyhop

My first bunnyhop

I also want to continue to practice the root of all BMX tricks: the bunnyhop. The bunnyhop is an absolutely critical skill for mountain bikers, and I’m determined to get good at it. Yesterday I manged to put some air between the back tire and the ground for the very first time.

It was a happy moment, but obviously a very weak hop (that screengrab was taken at the apex). I’ve still got a whole lot of work to do on this trick, and I hope to have at least an hour this afternoon to continue practicing.

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