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Built a bunnyhop stand for around 20 bucks, here’s how I did it…

Thursday, December 17, 2009 by  
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I’ve been splurging on the frequency of my “cheat” meals a bit more this month (last night I had pepperoni pizza). I think the reason is because I know I’m going to be starting my cut on January 4th, so I’m not worried about putting on an extra couple of pounds right now. Also, right before I go into “all or nothing” mode, I always like to eat all the things that I know I won’t be able to enjoy while I’m cutting.

That pizza I ate for dinner last night has left me incredibly bloated this morning. I feel like I’m typing this update with small water balloons attached to my hands. Today I’ll definitely eat nothing but healthy foods, and I’ll be drinking extra water. I simply can not have heavy meals two days in a row. The day after a cheat meal I always crave nothing but clean foods. I think I’m going to make a stir fry tonight. I’m really enjoying that recipe: it tastes great and is incredibly healthy.

So yesterday I posted the detailed bunnyhop stand plans that I painstakingly developed and rendered in 3D Studio Max. As soon as I finished up my work yesterday I went out into the garage and built that sucker! I deviated from my original plans in a few areas, so I’ll talk about that here in case any of you want to build one, too.

Here’s the completed bunnyhop stand:

Bunnyhop stand

Bunnyhop stand

Building the stand was really easy, and only cost about 20 bucks. Want to build one? You’ll need the following:

(4) 3′ 2x4s
(4) 9″ 2x4s
(2) Heavy-duty 90 degree angled brackets
(2) Heavy-duty flat brackets
(1) 1″ numeric stencil set
(1) Can spray paint
(1) 6′ length of 3/4″ PVC pipe
3″ nails
1.5″ nails

The first thing I did was measure out where the 1.5″ nails (for holding the PVC pipe) would go on the (2) 3′ vertical risers. The height of the base 2×4 is 1.5″, and the height of the PVC pipe is a little over 3/4″. The nails that the PVC pipe rest on also add a small amount of height, for a total height of 1″. You need to account for those things when making your marks. So, for example, the first mark would be for a 4″ jump: 4″ – 1.5″ – 1″ = 1.5″. So I made my first mark at 1.5″, and then simply made marks every 2 inches up the entire length of the board. Don’t mess this part up. Before you start making the rest of your marks, hold everything together by hand and make sure the top of your PVC is dead-on 4″. You should have jumps from 4″ – 38″ in 2″ increments. Once all the marks were made I drove 1.5″ nails about halfway into the board, centered on the marks. You can eyeball the centering – it doesn’t have to be perfect.

The next step is to nail the 3′ vertical 2x4s to the 3′ base 2x4s using the brackets. The vertical 2x4s should be centered along the length of the base 2x4s, and flush against the side. A picture is worth a thousand words:

Bunnyhop stand - Close-up

Bunnyhop stand - Close-up

I used 1.5″ nails in all the places where a 3″ nail would have been too long, but I used 3″ nails on the lower flat bracket, and I drove a couple extra 3″ inch nails into the vertical risers from underneath the base 2x4s.

Now you need to take the (4) 9″ 2x4s and nail them centered on the ends of the base 2x4s with a couple of 3″ nails. See the above picture.

Almost done now! I used 1″ numeric stencils and spray paint to indicate the height of each jump in inches. You could just as well use a sharpie.

This setup works great! Just make sure you face the side that holds the PVC pipe away from the direction of your approach so the pipe can fall away if you hit it. The pipe can take quite wallop, but it won’t last forever. Thankfully they are very cheap.

Here I am making my inaugural jump:

Bunnyhop stand - First jump

Bunnyhop stand - First jump

I had no luck finding any information on building one of these things, so I hope this helps someone.

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