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JSF BodyShop™ update; Off to the trails.

Sunday, December 20, 2009 by  
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Let’s kick this update off with a JSF BodyShop™ update! Matt and I had our usual weekly meeting yesterday, and most of our time was spent going over some minor bugs and a couple functionality/design changes. I think that by next weekend the site should be very close to ready for the closed beta phase. Somehow Matt has managed to work in some cool new features over the past week, and he did that while deep in the process of squashing bugs. The guy is a coding machine. BodyShop just keeps getting better and better, and we’re both very excited about it. Matt and I are very much looking forward to hearing the comments, suggestions and feedback from the beta testers. It won’t be long now…

Last week was a pretty busy and stressful one for both me and Lisa, so we decided to blow off the house cleaning and watch a movie. It was the right move. We both get off from work a little early on Christmas eve, so we made a pact to clean then. Today We’re meeting up with Roger and Tanisha and hitting the trails. It’s a bit chilly at 42 degrees, but the winds are calm and it’s sunny and clear. Lisa would disagree, but to me this is perfect riding weather. I really like riding when it’s cold. Of course if I fall in the water again I may change my mind. I’ll be shooting HD helmet cam video of the entire ride, so if I’m not in the hospital I’ll probably have some footage to post later today.

Breakfast time. I hope you have a great Sunday!

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