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Awesome ride yesterday; New video; Weight training with a purpose.

Monday, December 21, 2009 by  
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I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! Mine was pretty darn awesome. I finally got to chill out and have some much needed fun after a very difficult work week. Actually we got to literally chill out on the trails yesterday, as the temperature was in the upper 40s and there was a decent wind as well. I didn’t mind the cold at all, actually, and once I was warmed up it felt quite nice. The only thing I didn’t really enjoy about the cold weather was the burning in my lungs. I guess I’m just not used to it.

So yesterday Roger (Bluestreak), his wife Tanisha (Chameleon), Lisa and I all met up at Big Tree park to ride the trails around Soldier’s creek. We had an incredibly good time hanging out and riding the trails.

This was Tanisha’s first time on these trails, and I was impressed with her riding as I cased her with the camera on part of one run.

I also decided to trail Lisa on a run, and unfortunately it was not a good one for her. The ride started off bad, and got worse. She took her first real spill, flipping her bike (it’s in the below video). It was pretty scary for me, too, as all I could do was watch it happen. She got a little scraped up, but is otherwise just fine.

I didn’t tail Roger on any of the runs, but he reported awesome rides and no wrecks!

I tried a few new tricks this time and manged to (mostly) pull them off. There were definitely a few areas in which my newly acquired ability to bunnyhop came in handy, but I still need more practice before it will feel completely natural. Also, someone built a bridge over the downed tree, so that kind of screws up the 2′ bunnyhop bet I have with my brother.

You can watch the video below, or for a bigger HD version (recommended) go here.

Today is going to be another cold-ish day (highs in the mid 60s), so I’m definitely going to be doing part of my leg workout outside. Funny, now that I’m doing all this mountain biking my leg workouts (in particular) have taken on a whole new meaning. I’m no longer training to have massive quads; now I’m training because I want to have awesome strength and endurance. So today’s workout will be a mix of very heavy squats, backyard lunges and I’m going to bang out some grueling sets of breathing squats while I’m in the backyard. Lately I’ve been enjoying my weight training even more than usual; It’s a bit of a different feeling now that I’m training with an external athletic purpose in mind. I like it.

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