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The state of JSF: 2010, and beyond…

Wednesday, December 23, 2009 by  
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Soon we’ll be entering not just a new year, but a brand new decade! Most people associate the new year with change, and things are definitely going to be changing around here. Today I’d like to talk about some of the exciting changes you’ll be seeing on JSF in the very near future.

The first major change you’ll see is the launch of our brand new sister site, JSF BodyShop™. We’re very close to launching the closed beta program. Once the beta program ends, JSF BodyShop™ will be open to everyone, free of charge.

JSF BodyShop™ is going to affect how I do things here on the main site. While the daily updates to JSF will continue (along with much more – I’ll talk about that a bit further down), I will no longer track my personal progress on the main site. All my weight training programs, cardio workouts, diets/meal plans, weight, body fat level, measurements and so on will be available on my public JSF BodyShop™ profile. Tracking my progress, setting goals, creating meal plans and logging my training using BodyShop is so much easier than how I’ve done it in the past. For example, let’s say I am going to eat the same weekly meal plan with slight changes from one week to the next. I can duplicate my weekly meal plan with a couple mouse clicks (you can also, of course, duplicate any range of dates), and then make any changes I like with a couple more clicks. All the data is automatically adjusted, and I get instant, accurate information showing exact calories, macronutrients and micronutrients. This functionality, along with our massive database of almost 8,000 food items (you can enter your own food items, too), makes experimenting with meal plans fun and easy. You can even copy another member’s meal plan right into your own meal plan! This powerful functionality is also found in the training module of JSF BodyShop™.

The next big change you’ll be seeing is with the forums. A brand new, major upgrade to the forum software was just released. The entire look and feel of the forums will soon be changing for the better, and tons of cool new features will be added. I’ve had a chance to play around with the new version of the forum, and it’s pretty darn awesome. It’s easier than ever to use, and I know you guys are going to love it. I’ll talk in more detail about the new features in a future update. I expect to perform the upgrade in late January or early February.

I know a lot of you have been wondering what’s been going on with the main site (this site) redesign. While development has slowed quite a bit as I’ve focused my time on other projects, there is another reason I’ve had the redesign on the back burner as of late: the same company that develops the forum software also just released a brand new CMS (Content Management System). I knew this product was coming, and I’ve been reluctant to dump more time into the site redesign until I had a chance to check the new CMS out. This new CMS is tightly integrated with the forum software, and may prove to be a better fit than WordPress. What does all that mean? I may be starting the redesign from scratch. I have not decided yet. I want to wait until BodyShop is launched and then take some time to evaluate the new CMS before deciding. Once I do make my choice, the redesign of JSF will become priority #1, and development will commence at a very rapid pace.

With the new year fast approaching, right now the top priority is getting JSF BodyShop™ launched. It won’t be long now, so stay tuned…

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