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Broad overview of my 2010 cutting plans.

Sunday, December 27, 2009 by  
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A week from tomorrow I’ll begin my 2010 cutting program. Over the past week or so I’ve started getting myself mentally prepared for this task, and I’ve been thinking about my meal plans. When I’m cutting or bulking I like to keep things simple, and I like to have a clear-cut set of “rules” that I simply will not allow myself to break.

My rules for this cut are as follows: No missed workouts or cardio sessions, no missed meals, no “cheat” meals or snacks, no alcohol, at least 8 hours of sleep each night and weekly tape measurements/body fat readings.

While eating the same foods week after week is not very sustainable in the longterm, I find that sort of simplicity helps me stay focused while I’m cutting body fat. That said, over the past few months I’ve found some new very healthy recipes that will allow me to enjoy bit more variety than I’ve had on past cuts. My proteins will consist of chicken breasts, 96% lean ground beef, Nitrean protein powder, egg whites and fish. My fats will mostly come from natural peanut butter, olive oil and whole eggs. My carbs will come from brown rice, oats and potatoes. I’ll be posting my actual meal plans here soon, and I’ll be tracking everything in details on the JSF BodyShop™, which will soon be in beta (and will open to the public while I’m cutting).

As for my workouts, I’ve decided to go with a 3-day split for this cut. Monday: legs. Wednesday: chest, delts & triceps. Friday: back, traps & biceps. I’ll do cardio on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Most of my cardio will be HIIT in the form of mountain biking, but some of it will be LISS.

This was just a broad overview of what I’ll be doing. I’ll post more details and talk about some of the mental tricks I use to stay focused over the next week and as I progress along the cut. 8% body fat, here I come!

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