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Do you smoke?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009 by  
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So I was just thumbing through a magazine, and towards the back of the magazine there was an ad for cigarettes. “Buy direct and SAVE!”, the ad proudly proclaimed. A carton of Marlboros was “only” $46.99, with a 3 carton minimum. WHAT?!?! I quit smoking almost 10 years ago, and I have not paid attention to how much the prices of cigarettes have gone up over the years… and $46.99 is a savings? By the way, please don’t email me if you know where to get cigarettes cheaper than $46.99 per carton – I really don’t care.

OK, for the moment let’s put aside the obvious and biggest reason to quit smoking – your health. How can anyone even afford to smoke now? Man, when I quit smoking I was smoking 3 packs per day. At today’s prices my habit would cost me over $100.00 per week, and over $400.00 per month. That’s a friggin’ car. Even if you “only” smoke a pack a day, that’s not chump change…

I really hope anyone who still smokes and is reading this will seriously consider quitting for the New Year. Take all that money you were spending on ciggs and spend it on something nice for yourself. That’s what I did when I quit smoking, and it really helped me stay on track. Of course the health benefits of quitting smoking are well-documented so I won’t repeat them here, but presumably you care about your health if you’re reading this site.

Quitting smoking was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life, but it was also one of the smartest. There are a lot of ex-smokers on the forum, so feel free to post if you need some help and support. You can do it!

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