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Week #4 of my 2010 cut is over; A surprising weekly progress report!

I’ve now completed 4 weeks of my 2010 cut! My plan at the beginning of this cut was to go back to what I do best when I’m chasing a goal: all or nothing. Over the past four weeks I’ve not had so much as a single taste of “junk” food or alcohol, I’ve been getting plenty of rest and, despite my injuries from last Sunday’s bike accident, I’ve remained upbeat and positive. I decided… [Read more]

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Went to the doctor yesterday, things didn’t go as planned; New trail footage.

So I went to my regular doctor yesterday morning, and I’m really glad that I did. The main reason for the visit was to have my stitches removed, but that didn’t go as planned: the thick scab that formed all along the laceration had almost completely encased the stitches, and my doctor simply could not get to some of them. He told me that if he tried to pick the scab apart it would open… [Read more]

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Stitches out today; Mouth is still hurting a lot; Speed run footage.

I’m still having trouble eating solid food because chewing is still extremely painful. The outside of my lip seems to be healing just fine, but the wounds on the inside of my mouth are still swollen and hard, and they are interfering with my ability to open and close my mouth. The biggest problem is that one of my lower teeth is “irregular”, and slightly sticks out towards the front of my mouth at an… [Read more]

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Yesterday’s workout: weak, no energy. Must eat. Crash footage w/ commentary.

I managed to complete yesterday’s chest/triceps/delts “core” workout, but it was far from a good training session. Thankfully I experienced no wrist or shoulder pain, and the wounds in and around my mouth did not bleed at all. The problem was my complete lack of energy and strength. I’m still feeling pretty banged up, and I’m sure most of my body’s resources are going towards healing my various injuries. I think the biggest problem, however,… [Read more]

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Swelling going down, wrist pain almost gone: looks like a “go” for today’s workout!

The swelling inside and around my mouth has gone done quite a bit, and yesterday I was able to eat two solid meals. I had to be extremely careful chewing my food, as there is still a pretty significant amount of lip swelling inside my mouth. Have you ever accidentally bit your lip and then kept re-biting the same spot because it was swollen? That’s kind of what I’m dealing with right now, except if… [Read more]

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Update on my injuries; New photo; Video footage of the wreck was recovered!

This morning most of my body is aching from Sunday’s mountain biking accident. I guess the impact of the fall affected me a lot more than I originally realized. The entire left side of my body, especially around my ribs and hip, is very sore, and my right wrist feels like I might have sustained a mild sprain. Yesterday the pain and swelling around and in my mouth got pretty bad, and so I had… [Read more]

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Bike wreck puts me in the emergency room (with pictures).

Lisa and I hit the bike trails yesterday, and unfortunately I took a rather nasty fall that put me in the emergency room. Thankfully it looks like I’m going to be just fine. So here’s the entire story… After some really good runs, we decided to do just one more before heading back to the car. I told Lisa to go ahead, and I gave her about a 5-minute head start. About a quarter-mile into… [Read more]

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Week 3 of my 2010 cut is complete: Sunday progress report.

Today marks the end of the 3rd week of my 2010 cutting program, and so it’s time to take all my weekly measurements and evaluate my progress! Remember, scale weight is not enough! If you are trying to lose fat I recommend that you track at least three things to properly evaluate your progress: scale weight, body fat percentage and soft tape measurements. Workout logs chronicling your relative strength gains or losses are also very… [Read more]

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Yesterday’s workout/new photo; BodyShop update with new screenshot.

My final “intensity” workout of the week (back/biceps/traps) was excellent! I went up in weight and/or reps on every exercise, and I felt strong and energetic. Even though I’m not terribly happy with my physique right now, I’ve decided that I need to start taking more progress photos (I know I’ll be glad that I did when I reach my goal!) So I posted a new photo in my forum journal yesterday. Tomorrow will mark… [Read more]

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Destroying the pecs with compound/isolation supersets; February “100 Challenge”.

I spent so much time yesterday whining about my bad day at work that I ran out of time before I could talk about Wednesday’s excellent workout in more detail. Specifically, I want to elaborate on the chest portion of the workout. First, here’s my current chest/triceps/delts “intensity” workout: CHEST Supersets: 3 x 10-12 Barbell bench press / 3 x Failure DB flyes Quad drop sets: 3 x failure Incline DB press Triceps Supersets: 3… [Read more]

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