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Working through pain yields an excellent workout; Cutting diet update.

Saturday, January 9, 2010 by  
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Yesterday about an hour before my workout I started getting a pretty nasty headache. My sinuses felt fine, so the headache was probably because I’d been staring at the computer screen all day without taking any breaks.

When my workout time (4:00 PM) rolled around, I really didn’t feel like lifting at all. Of course when it comes to working out, feelings are irrelevant. I dutifully laced up my shoes, cranked up the music and headed into the gym for my back/biceps/traps workout.

Here’s the workout:

Quad drop sets: 3 x failure Rack pulls w/shrug at the top of each pull
Supersets: 3 x 10-12 Low rows/3 x failure Body weight wide-grip pull-ups
Quad drop sets: 2 x failure 1-arm DB rows

4 x 15 Barbell bicep curls, very strict form, slow cadence, hard squeeze
2 x “Down the rack” Hammer Curls to failure; from 50 lbs down to 10 lbs

During the rack pulls/shrugs I thought my head was going to explode. It took a lot of willpower to continue. As the workout progressed, my headache eventually was replaced by the awesome feeling of endorphins flowing throughout my body. By the time my workout was over, the headache was totally gone. Just another reminder why pushing through pain is, in many circumstances, a good thing.

Those “down the rack hammer” curl (quintuple drop sets) are a pretty awesome way to completely obliterate the biceps and forearms. Taken out of context, it would be pretty hilarious to walk in on me failing to curl a 10-pound dumbbell, but that’s exactly what happens at the end of each set. If your forearms aren’t constantly cramping up a few hours after doing these, then you didn’t do them right.

So I’m very pleased with how the first five days of my cut have gone: my diet was 100% spot-on, my training has gone exceptionally well and I feel energetic and positive. Tomorrow morning I’ll be checking my progress by taking my weekly body fat reading, tape measurements and scale weight.

By the way, I have been tracking my cutting diet in my old spreadsheet, and as soon as Matt completes the latest batch of changes/bug fixes to the food log portion of JSF BodyShop™ (probably tomorrow) I’ll be entering all the data there. As soon as that happens I’ll grab some screen shots of my meal plans and post them here. Of course once BodyShop opens all my food logs will be available to everyone. One of the cool features of BodyShop is that if you see a workout or meal plan that you like on someone else’s profile, you can instantly copy it to your own workout or meal plan (and then modify it as you like).

Enjoy your Saturday!

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