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Week two of my 2010 cut; Mastover sale; BodyShop update.

Monday, January 11, 2010 by  
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Ding! Ding! It’s time to start week #2 of my 2010 cut. I hope those of you who are also on fat loss diets are doing well so far. If for some reason you’ve gotten off to a rocky start, the worst thing you can do is use that as an excuse to give up or continue the slide. We’re just one week into the new year, and now is your opportunity to start working on your perfect summer body. If you start now and work hard, the amount of progress you’ll make by the time summer rolls around will be absolutely astonishing.

On the subject of fat loss, if you missed yesterday’s update I talked about my first week of cutting progress; more importantly, I discussed a number of simple and effective techniques that you should be using to track your own fat loss progress. Unless you want to look “skinny fat” (you don’t), simply losing scale weight is not going to cut it. I can’t stress that point enough. You’ve got to make sure you’re losing fat and not muscle. The techniques I discussed yesterday will allow you to see the complete picture and make informed diet and training choices as you progress towards your goal.

If you are looking for close, personal guidance with your diet and training (not to mention motivational support), I strongly suggest that you contact professional natural bodybuilder, personal trainer and forum sponsor Aram Mastover Hamparian. Aram is running a 15% off sale all during the month of January, so this is a great time to start working with him. As many of you know, I’ve worked with Aram several times over the years, including my 2007 cut (where I reached my lowest body fat percentage ever, 6%). Aram will discuss your specific goals and work with you one-on-one until you reach them. I recommend him very highly. Check out his website and shoot him an email with any questions.

Matt and I had our usual weekly JSF BodyShop™ meeting yesterday, and now I’d like to give you an update on where we stand. As I mentioned last week, Version 1 of the software has been completed and we are now in bug squashing mode. Matt and I have been working very hard to identify and correct bugs and improve user functionality. This past week a huge amount of progress was made in that regard. While I can’t give a 100% firm date for the closed beta launch, it is our hope that it will happen two weeks from today. I’ll keep you all posted!

Today is leg day, and thankfully my legs have finally recovered from last week’s leg workout (they were still a little sore yesterday!) This week I’ll be doing “core” workouts, which are low volume, very heavy workouts designed to build strength. I have not finalized my actual workout, so I’ll post it in tomorrow’s update.

Thanks for visiting – keep working hard!

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